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My trainings are:

B.Arts- Deakin Uni

Dip. Ed.- Southern Cross Uni

Certified Sexological Bodywork- Institute of Somatic Sexology

Embodied Counselling intro certificate- Institute of Somatic Sexology

Desire Discrepancy in Couples- Tanya Koens Clinical Sexologist

Gottman  Couples Therapy Training Level 1- The Gottman Institute

Steiner Teacher Training- Melbourne Rudolph Steiner 

Dip. Kinesiology -Australian College of Complimentary Medicine


Qualified Heart Touch Practitioner - Dr Simon Martin

Basic Certificate of Counselling- S.W TAFE 

Non Violent Communication - 2 days workshop

Certified NLP Practitioner- The Coaching Institute

Timeline Therapy & Deep State Re-patterning- The Coaching Institute.

Working with (clients around) Porn masterclass- Tanya Koens Clinical Sexologist

Erotic Embodiment teacher- I.S.S

Fun little sex games- Curious creatures

Intro to Kink- Seani Love 2 hours -confest

Creating Kink containers- online live Q & A with Aerie Shore

FEAST- Festival of Embodiment and Sexual Transformation 2 1/2 days

Tantra Priestess Training - Ellie Wilde

Fundamentals of Tantra- Embodied Awakening academy

The Dark Erotic - Winter Jade Icely

Michaela Boehm Tantra- Wild Womens way workshop 2 days.

Michaela Boehm Tantra- Shadow Tantra principles

Tantra & Polarity principles -  Michaela Boehm (ongoing)

The Wild Woman's way 'Flavour immersion" - Michaela Boehm 5 day retreat

Tantra is Love-  2 days training Emma Power

Opening up to opening up- Curious Creatures- online.

Scrying workshop- Winter Jade Icely

Evolutionary Women Embodiment - Devashi Shakti

Tigress Workshop- Atira tan

Esoteric Acupuncture - Mikio Sankey

Soul template Kinesiology- Grace Ambrook

DNA imprints Kinesiology- Dr Charles Krebbs

Awakening Series Tantra Yoga - Emma Power


Trauma Informed Bodywork Practitioner Training - Nisha Gill

Trauma & the Brain. Module 1- Sexual Assault & Family Violence Centre.

Trauma & the Brain. Module 2- Sexual Assaulty & Family Violence Centre


Lam Rim Meditation Course- 10 days - India

Ongoing Meditation Guidance- Jess Huon

Reiki 1 & 2


My biggest lesson's have come from life, leaning into the challenges and finding ways to keep the spark  alive in my past relationship, with my myself, after 25 years in a marriage.

I welcome all relationship configurations and work within a monogamous and polyamorous framework.


I welcome people of all genders LGBTQIA in my clinic sessions.



Sex Therapy, Relationship Counselling and Sexual Empowerment Coaching for Geelong, Torquay, Surf Coast & on-line.

My name is Belinda Claveria, (she/her) I'm a Somatic based Holistic Sex Therapist, Kinesiologist, Relationship Counsellor & Intimacy/ Pleasure Coach.

 A Trauma Informed Certified Somatic Sexologist, Sexological Bodyworker accredited with the Somatic Sex Educators' Association of Australasia (

My passion is facilitating transformation from feeling ANXIOUS, stuck, disconnected & lacking confidence, from challenging sexual histories, relationships, pain and bad experiences, to an authentic life with a better libido, more pleasure, self love and confidence.


I love working with long-term couples. I offer couples counselling, for those looking to re-ignite their relationships. I have a passion for couples in long relationships that are wanting to work through intimacy, connection & relationship issues.


I offer powerful transformative Sex Therapy & Sensuality Coaching for individuals, that wish to ignite a pleasure filled, erotic and embodied life of love & intimacy.

My training is centred around a Holistic and Somatic approach to Sex Therapy, Relationship and Intimacy Coaching. 

I teach vital Somatic Sexology theory & practices and communication tools that re-build pathways to connection, erotic pleasure, interest, control and function in vulva & penis owners.


I've trained significantly in Sexology, Sexuality, Tantra, Relationship dynamics, breath work, communication, embodiment and pleasure practices.

I mentor and coach individuals & couples to understand the fundamental tools of sexual engagement, consent, communicating desire, knowing what you want, teaching pleasure anatomy and how to activate orgasmic energy.


My mission is to bring about a world of Sex- positivity and awakened embodied humans as a catalyst for greater connection to humanity and the planet.


Through Somatic Sex Therapy, Embodiment, Relationship Therapy, Consent, Bodywork & Tantric tools, my practice supports all genders and sexual preferences.

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