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A 2 hour Yoni Mapping / Massage is an intimate somatic journey to explore your PLEASURE ANATOMY on the exterior and interior of the vulva.


  • I teach you essential GAME CHANGING erotic tools to awaken your body to greater levels of sensation & orgasmic potential!

  • We pleasure map the area using touch, clients are in control and we establish what type of touch, (my hands are gloved) using sensory awareness, your movement, sound, self-love and affirmations.

  • We build safety through teaching your how to regulate the nervous system.

  • We invite pleasure and welcome your erotic expression.

  • We hold space for laughter, pleasure, tears, anger, we bring attention and care to the Yoni on the outside and inside for your erotic expression to be released.

Sessions are educational, and will inform you on the vast pleasure anatomy of the Yoni/vulva, facilitate connection to your genitals, to build pleasure and sensation, to release shame, 'de-armour' the VULVA & VAGINA of pain or emotions.

Many vulva owners have not learnt about their bodies and how things work.


Mapping is the most incredible way to gain awareness of your pleasure spots and build sensitivity through a hands on (either my hands or yours)  guiding you to AWAKEN PLEASURE.

I utilise a variety of counselling, informed trauma release and breath-work skills to hold vulva owners in a very special 2 hours intention to help facilitate  potential orgasmicity, healing, sensitivity and pleasure.

Each session is as unique as you are.  Which is why clients return for further sessions to go deeper on their pleasure journey.


 Many clients will build upon these sessions with extra Coaching.


  • It is IMPERATIVE that we work with CONSENT, and at the pace of your body and establish a clear intention.  As such we check in together and invite your body to lead the session and it's direction at all times to ensure that the mapping is an empowering experience.

  • This means whilst you may begin with the intention of internal mapping/massage on many occasions there is a beautiful unfolding of important somatic sexology strategies and practices first needed, before we do internal work and/ or pleasure mapping/massage.

  • Further sessions help many clients build the foundations of trust and confidence to get the full benefits of doing deeper internal work.

This means that we address what arises with care and curiosity, and intend to provide you with the tools required to create safety, love and empathy to your Yoni and the her story.


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