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Breathwork  & Embodied Counselling

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Seeking a way to shift out of feeling shut down?

Needing the space to be held to re-open to trust again?

Do you feel tight and in need of a loving guide to release & let go?


De-armouring sessions are facilitated 1:1 in my therapy space.

Utilising a somatic based alchemical Breath-work technique, Embodied Counselling and hands on somatic practices to guide you home to your innate wisdom. 


Opening you to let go and release, and supporting you to feel softer and expansive.


Embodied Counselling using 'Heart Touch' Breath- work is a deep transformative process, to de-armour the heart and let go off stuck emotions that keep you from getting the love you want, the life you want to live, the way that you uphold yourself and the habits holding you back from intimacy and connection.

I am passionate about supporting you to live a life of greater passion, pleasure and presence to be with the people you love and achieve your life goals. 



- Online embodied counselling sessions via zoom.


1:1 In person

   De-armouring session: -involves deep breath-work, embodied counselling.

   (* not recommended for pregnant women, asthmatics or high blood pressure).

I am trained in a unique powerful form of Breath-work Practice developed

by Dr Simon Martin called Heart Touch.


I also utilise NLP, mindfulness and shamanic energy techniques.  

I specialise in relationships and people that struggle with anxiety & intimacy.   


De-armouring & Somatic counselling, basically means you are taken into the body firstly through Breath-work to access the physical/emotional/spiritual armouring held in key energetic centres and through breath & intention we shift this.  


The session uses embodied counselling and a process of embodied alchemy.


Sessions are a guided embodied process, to talk through and feel into insights, emotions, beliefs and finally solutions to your issues.  My training is to actively support you through a consensual agreement holding you emotionally and physically if needed.  

Clients find the process more profound, healing and transformational than regular counselling.

Coaching and personalised embodiment sessions can be ran in person in my Geelong based clinic space near Torquay or online over ZOOM.

Should you have a history of trauma, please speak to me prior to our session to ensure you are adequately supported.

Kinesiology ties into this work very well and I recommend clients consider a package to move between the two modalities I offer by booking here:

ZOOM sessions available for personal mentoring.

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