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Hens Parties


Spice up your Hen's party, with unique Feminine Erotic experiences

to bring your friends together on your Special Day. Hen's party activities that can be ran at your venue in Geelong, the Surf Coast, Melbourne and the Bellarine.

MEMORABLE & fun Hen's party activities & Sex workshops taught by

Certified Sexologist, Relationship Coach and Educator- Belinda Claveria.


Lingham Love- class

Be a tantric goddess with skills he will love.

Lots of laughter, as you learn essential skills on how to give the ultimate devotional hand-job.  The fundamentals of cock anatomy and erotic massage skills.  A class for anyone that plays with a penis owner, complete with lube, a practice toy and lots of professional guidance.  


This workshop is such fun and your lover will be very grateful for all that you discover!

Pussy- a clay pleasure anatomy class

We ALL HAVE ONE- how about learning more about it's pleasure capacity & falling in love with your pussy!

This wonderful workshops connects women at a deeper place, you learn the WHAT.

What your PUSSY (Vulva) parts are, where, we welcome pussy wisdom and the celebration of our unique form and the many ways a vulva can look like, to demystify shame.

Each person then creates their own unique representation in CLAY of a pussy piece.

Its a wonderful bonding day of fun, laughter, self love and creativity. All materials supplied.

(Fully clothed).


Bra-dazzle craft

Craft making meets breast empowerment.


Bra- dazzle is your ultimate hens party, crafting event.  A breast love affair.

We embody our boobs with some conscious awareness & celebrate our uniqueness with a somatic practice.  

We spend the majority of time, sitting together crafting and decorating your own bra that you can wear out on your hen's night.  It's a great opportunity to chat and connect.

All Crafting materials, decorative items and glue guns are supplied. BYO op. shop bra etc...

Prices vary, Limited availability. Please send a message to enquire & book.

Unique & fun experiences that change lives

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