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Couples Counselling, finding the right Relationship Counselling in Geelong, Counselling online and Melbourne,

When it comes to fostering healthy and fulfilling relationships, focusing on connection, intimacy, desire, and communication is paramount.

In Geelong, and on-line, many couples counselling services are available to help individuals navigate the complexities of their relationships.

Where my 5 star reviews are consistent, is due to the fact that I am trained to help couples on these key elements and fostering a transformational space to learn, heal and build curiosity and love, towards yourself and your partner.

Making the right choice is essential and finding a match that will offer you the ease and safety for you both to communicate and build the connection and clarity you are seeking.

Belinda Claveria is an inspiring and professional Relationship and Sex therapist who understand the demands of parenting, work and stress on long term relationships. She has spent decades working in a therapeutic environment, as a Counsellor, Somatic based Coach, Kinesiologist in Geelong and a certified Somatic Sexologist and Educator.

Building a strong connection with your partner is the foundation of a successful relationship. Through counselling and sex therapy, you can explore ways to deepen your emotional bond, enhance trust, and cultivate a sense of togetherness that can withstand challenges.

My role is to help facilitate a robust, curious and inspiring conversation, that very quickly leads to effective strategies to intimacy, communication and connection. In sessions, we unfold, beliefs, ideas and thinking that can stifle your relationship and practice essential skills that you can take back into your lives.

Addressing individual needs:

Often couples face extra relationship challenges due to their personal background and other challenges such as illness, past trauma, affairs, trust issues, IVF, changes to the body as we age, postpartum challenges, pain, religious beliefs, lack of experience, general anxiety and Erectile dysfunction or a reduced libido.

Intimacy plays a crucial role in maintaining a close and loving connection with your significant other.

My Counselling sessions can provide a safe space to address consistent issues creating conflict, intimacy issues, sex challenges and an opportunity to rediscover physical and emotional closeness, and reignite the passion in your relationship.

Desire, presence and a depth of connection is an essential component of any romantic relationship. By seeking counselling in Geelong, or online couples counselling, you can work on the common issue of desire discrepancy, shift the brakes on intimacy and build the necessary and personal needs to a quality nurturing and satisfying relationship.

Embodied Sexology, offers life changing couples counselling in Ocean Grove, Geelong and Melbourne using Gottman Institute style counselling along with Somatic based connection tools, Conscious communication and infusing tantra.

Effective communication is key to resolving conflicts, expressing needs and desires, and building a strong foundation for your relationship. Through counselling, you can learn how to communicate openly, listen actively, and foster a deeper understanding between you and your partner.

Shift stagnation and discover how to build confidence in your love life. And re-ignite your relationship learning essential and fun skills that refreshes your connection, communication and sex life.

Contact Belinda on 0421762326 to book Relationships Counselling and Couples Sex therapy in Geelong

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