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Establishing boundaries to create safety for yourself

Today I was asked- what would kindness do? I said Kindness would extend generosity to people that need your love, attention and time.

But it comes with a BIG disclaimer.

There is a word I want to f@#k open right now and it's RECIPROCITY.

Reciprocity is the practice of respect. To give and to receive.

Under stress, it may not flow equally, but there is an understanding that mutual respect and appreciation exists and because your relationship with the person has a DEMONSTRATIVE record of care, kindness and appreciation.

I'm very kind and willing to extend my generousity of energy and love to people I care for or I know need the boost of support. I will send that message of thought, bake an extra meal, hold another when they're struggling and I will love you to the moon and back. I can get lost...I can love someones potential.

Now ladies, we are naturally more empathic. We nurture. And our mission is to know ourselves and others as love. So we can find ourselves self sacrificing our hearts and our bodies to men we care for. Our boundaries can get loose under desire.

But what Ive learnt is that pouring love and empathy into another person that doesn't show you the same level of kindness, gratitude and respect IS self destructive.

Sharing a sensual space with someone that lacks those very basic values and relationship skills is not a fun playspace. It's a space of strangers and it becomes empty as trust erodes.

Our hearts and bodies open to respect, safety and tenderness.

But, Respect begins with self. Knowing your worth and your value is so important otherwise your empathy, become a life line to bolster your lack of self love & diminished identity.

I'm up for people shining. And it happens in an environment of appreciation, respect, care and love.

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