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Why a morning practice is going to change your life.

Get your morning ju ju on, with a daily practice, combining mindfulness, energy clearing, mantras and embodiment...

Morning Sunshine.

But perhaps it's more like, arghhh another day.

In the hustle and bustle of a life, increasingly demanding us to have our attention pulled by so many things, you may be neglecting a golden opportunity that can be the difference that makes the difference to your life.

First thing in the morning, we have a wider funnel to direct our body, mind and soul towards a better version of ourselves. We have less mental chatter and a greater connection to our spirit.

Abraham Hicks suggests it is before we start our thinking in the morning, that we can have a direct line to the Universe. Well, whether you believe in such spiritual support as that, a morning ritual will give you some much needed quiet time to establish the 'flavour' and flow of your day.

My sense is that the prana or life force in the morning is potent, and our bodies are more sensitive because they haven't yet been bombarded with our thoughts, social media, and the demands of our day.

A morning ritual is about putting yourself first before anything else. It's 10 -30 minutes depending on the availability of time, to connect to your body and support yourself to be a better version of you, so that you can be open to the vast opportunities around you.

It is a practice of INTENTION AND ATTENTION:- the cultivated energy is harnessed to create a more harmonious and loving self. It is also possible to direct this love and energy outwards to support others.

A morning ritual is a wonderful way to acknowledge how you are going to be most effective in the world and tap into and provide yourself with the care, love and tools to do so.

It is a way to invite the sacred into your life and to connect to your sacred nature.

Some of the most beautiful ways humans have been doing a Morning practice is through ritual and reverence.

In Western Culture we lack the foundation of sacred living unlike other cultures The most beautiful and potent place I have seen this is in Bali. The island hums with an 'amrita' like energy of intention, devotion and ritual.

My morning ritual changes with my mood, whats currently going on in my life and how that is effecting my mental/emotional state and most importantly- my heart.

A morning ritual can be done in bed or sitting where the sunlight can trace your body.

* As a rule I start form my attention being on my inside to outside of myself

A great starting spot is to start with your body:

I always like to begin by dropping into my heart and to feel for what is there. This helps direct me to what I'm needing. By breathing into my heart space and smiling into my heart with loving kindness. and feeling for the truth of what is moving in me for the day.

From this place I design my morning ritual to support my state of Being.

I ask myself do I need a gentle practice to soothe and restore?

Or am I needing motivation and a reminder of what it is that I want to achieve?

What kind of feeling state am I needing for my day to achieve my goal?

From here:

I often dedicate gratitude to the wonderment of my life, it is quite remarkable when you take a moment to reflect on your own existence and what you currently have around you. I also give thanks to the sun, to my family and friends.

I might chant a mantra repeatedly and then meditate. If you are unsure how to do this, there is a great App I love called Insight Timer, it is full of amazing guided meditations and music.

I often repeat a number of affirmations, to help me with my emotional state. There have been times that I've needed to do this throughout my day to help me stay in check. But I get better results in the morning.

And I often visualise and activate the feelings that go with these affirmations. Try the concept of faking it to you make it, to strengthen your muscle of self love and care, it is not abnormal to struggle to connect to these affirmations. Part of a morning practice, can be to activate memories of when these affirmations were demonstrated by yourself or you felt loved and cared for.

I love giving myself a sensual facial massage by tracing the meridian lines on my face and gently applying pressure around my temples, eyes, hair line and jaw line and unfolding my ears. This is a very sensual way to nourish yourself and calm the nervous system.

I like to quieten my mind so that I can become more attuned to my body mind wisdom, so meditation is one of my core morning rituals.

I'm personally at my best when I'm feeling loved up and connected to the flow of the universe and tuned into the flow of life. So my morning practice of involves become sensory heightened for the smells, temperature, sounds, textures and pulse of the day.

Most of my morning practice involves focused, deep breathing and gentle sensual movement.

I love ending by taking in a slow in- breath and opening my arms out by my side and scooping up the earth energy to blanket my body, from my base to my head. I then attune to the solar and star energy above me and gently bring that down into my auric field. I repeat this action a number of times before opening my eyes.

Finally many people enjoy journaling and identifying what goals they have for the day.


End your morning practice with as much intention and attention as you started. And see how long you can stay with this level of calm and focus as you move from your practice into your day.

Your morning practice is unique. There is not right or wrong.

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