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Many magical transformational things.

We might laugh or cry, we awaken pleasure, discover erotic potential, develop deep self acceptance, we facilitate healing and letting go of shame, we provide a platform to listen to your story with empathy and care.

Connecting to your sexuality through a more conscious embodied way, has a POSITIVE effect on your whole life, including your relationships. The more sex positive you are, and the more you can embody your feelings and emotions, and live with more pleasure, the more life force can flow through you.

Every Somatic Sexologist has unique skills and passions that will shape the way a session is carried out.

My background is in transformational therapy, communication, tantra, with a 'heart' centred approach to awakening your highest potential, through Passion, Presence and Pleasure.

I'm big on self love and acceptance as a pathway to EMPOWERMENT.

I teach clients how to cultivate erotic energy as a 'life force' and use embodiment and pleasure practices to be a more healthy happy individual.

In a Sexual Empowerment Coaching session, we utilise my training in Sexological Bodywork to help connect you to the messages of your body and build your capacity to 'embody' your sexuality with confidence and curiosity. These are hands on sessions, engaging you into your body to discover your potential.

" Somatic sexology "develops ‘embodiment’, which is deeper presence, awareness and understanding of what is going on in your body and in sex. Embodiment releases body-mind restrictions that inhibit pleasure, and allows space for greater growth, choice and play."

- Institute of Somatic Sexology

As Sex Educators, Somatic Sexologists teach our clients to connect to their erotic potential through feeling for the sensations, that either build upon or block pleasure.

We teach techniques from Eastern Taoism, Tantra and Western Somatic Psychology through mindful awareness, touch, sound, breath and movement.

Every individual has a unique set of genitals, sexual expression, gender identity and desires.

We have beliefs, experiences and limiting scripts of how we play out our pleasure, or erotic identities or lack of.

Within a coaching session, we discover what is currently working, what you desire to learn and what might be a challenge when it comes to intimacy and sexual engagement. And provide tools and embodied experiences to connect you to your potential, so that you have greater choice.

Somatic Sexologists, create a client led educational and transformational setting.

Your Somatic Sexologist, uses gloves and one way touch.

We work as nervous system regulators, teaching you how to navigate anxiety and tension through breath, sound, touch and movement. We help clients learn how to build erotic energy and arousal.

Sessions may or may not include touch.

Touch may be your own touch or from your Sex Coach. Touch helps a client connect to their bodies for the purpose of learning, to help build somatic connection, attune yourself to different forms of sensation, build pleasure pathways and unwind tension or numbness.

Where attention goes, energy flows.

And self love and acceptance expands.

These are INCREDIBLE sessions, that may include the client removing all of their clothes, partially clothed or fully clothed depending on your needs and choice.

I offer private sessions for individuals or couples.

We can cover a range of issues:

  • body shame/ body acceptance

  • developing sensitivity and presence

  • building erotic energy

  • increasing libido

  • learning how to orgasm

  • different ways to orgasm- vaginal, anal, cervical, oral, clitoral, energy orgasms

  • trusting yourself, expressing your needs

  • healing numbness

  • erectile dysfunction

  • ejaculation choice

  • fears about sex, about your genitals, am I normal?

  • couples intimacy coaching and connection

  • anal exploration for women and men

  • consent & boundaries

  • learning how to receive touch

  • how to have healthy masturbation practices and appropriate porn use

  • build orgasmic potential

  • de-amouring

  • post hysterectomy, prostate surgery etc... sex coaching

  • unwinding numbness/tension

  • post birth sexual confidence

  • yoni (vaginal), anus and penis mapping etc...

  • Orgasmic yoga practices

Sessions are client led, one way touch, using gloves and appropriate high level hygiene practices.

Every session is unique, sessions are tailored to each client.

It is recommended that you have a minimum of 3 sessions.

Zoom or in person sessions.


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