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The G- spot Juicer, has been designed perfectly to reach the pleasure zone of the G- spot.


The shape helps to stimulate the area that is also associated with squirting, giving you juicy orgasmic release for some vulva owners.


This lightweight beautiful wand, can also be also used to awaken orgasmicity of the cervix and help de-armor tension in the vagina, to help release more pleasure and sensitivity.


This wand has got 2 ends that you can use to explore your orgasmic bliss in all areas of the vagina from the G-spot, A- spot, P- spot and Cervix.  Want to know how? Embodied Sexology helps you become empowered and confident in accessing your pleasure potential, you can also buy a Coaching Package to help you.


The specially designed curves provide two variations of lengths, to access your pleasure spots, which are different in every vagina.  The shape has been designed to mimic the 'come here' finger motion.  And each end has a bulbous shape, that provides a delicious juicy sensation as its moved inside of you, also creating some stimulation of the clitoris as the handle moves against the body.


Made from medical grade, smooth non- pourous, light weight materials, that can be easily cleaned and feels so good in your hands.


The benefits of using a wand over a vibrator is it gives you greater sensitivity over time, helping you to tune into the natural arousal areas of your Yoni/ vaginal area.


Use with lubricant, after arousing the body and your clitoris.  As the body becomes aroused the Wand is the ultimate tool to bring about a blissful pleasure practice, to help you have G-spot orgasms.  


The shape of the G-spot Juicer gives you easy access to your G-spot, and allows you to control your own pace and pressure.  Helping attune your body to a greater scope of sensation, without the intensity of vibration.


Over time, these wands have been recommended to help dearmor the cervix when utlised with the fundamental tools of sexuality:- breath, touch, sound, movement and intention. 


The G-spot Juicer wand is an essential tool in your pleasue practice when combined with the education and mentoring of a skilled Sex Coach.  


I personally love this wand, it's shape is so versatile and the materials are kind to your skin, hygenic and it is not cold like other glass wands.


Packaged beautifully in an embossed satin purse, you will want to get one for your friends!

Researched and developed by Pleasure Educator & Somatic Sexologist Laura Doe.


G- spot Wand

SKU: 364215376135191
  • The essential Pleasure Tool, to help build sensitivity and increase your capacity to have juicy, expansive G-spot and Cervical orgasms.

    Smooth, medical grade, non- porous material.  22cm x 6cm

    Packaged in a beautiful embossed satin purse.

  • We trust in the G-spot Juicer that you will love it.  We DO NOT offer refunds, however we would love to hear your feedback and will endeavour to support you to learn how to bring more pleasure into your life, with any further guidance.

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