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Stepping into pleasure and out of the role of parent

Tired of the ground hog day of parenting? Wanting to reclaim your sensual self?

It's easy to become consumed by the role of being a parent. That we can forget how to turn on our pleasure capacity and keep ourselves softly available, to the things and people that bring us joy.

Heart open, body soft, mind mellow and joyful.

Underneath the weight of endless chores, boring daily tasks, caring for others, responsibility to show up and bring in an income, creating, cleaning and the annoying life errands, is YOU. .

I know when I need to press play on self care. By doing daily meditation I'm more highly attuned to sense when I'm out.

Our bodies give us signals of stress by feeling :


Tight in the chest

Heart palpitations

Stomach doing flips

On the edge of tears

Easily angered

Tight jaws

Feeling Anxious

The monotony of parenting can be soul destroying and tiring. It's a killer on our sensual identity. I work with many mums that have lost their joy and passion.

You can bring softness back. Pleasure. Joy. Calm. By commiting yourself to doing things that make your heart open and your body smile. Stopping habitual thinking and uncovering the beliefs that shut you off from your feminine self.

What beliefs are holding you back?

What are your dreams for yourself beyond being a great parent?

Do you make time for self sexual exploration and mindful masturbation?

Your body is a pleasure force. Take care of it. .






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