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Updated: Sep 15, 2022

The sweet taste of FORGIVENESS

Resentment is a highly toxic emotion. We can have subtle resentment and more obvious clear resentment. It is so draining. RESTRICTIVE on our bodies. TOXIC to our relationships TIGHTENING on our muscles. DRAINING on our life force NUMBING to our erotic energy. Especially when it is ourselves we need to forgive. Resentment can build up towards people, timing, failings and restrictions.

I have learnt that the truth is MOST people never intend to harm us.

And that everything is a gift to support us to love ourselves more.

A text message doesn't get responded to. A person doesn't give in the way we had hoped. We never got the appreciation we wanted, all our hard work has been shut down from restrictions.

One of the most healing antidotes is forgiveness and loving kindness. Deep kindness for what is. Pure acceptance.

Staring into it, sitting with the discomfort, holding ourselves as pure and loving, and ALL connected by a deep desire to be loved and noticed. Not running from the feelings. EMBODYING them. BEFRIENDING them. ALLOWING them to flow. This is the Art of Sensual Being. Being with the deep desire to bring curiosity and gentle loving awareness to the sensations that are created in the body.

By experiencing them, moving them, allowing them to run their course. FORGIVENESS has a warm, freeing, light quality.

A balm of forgiveness into the crevices of your heart, your genitals, your chest, your throat.

Embody that. Breathe it in and out, touch, taste, see, hear and feel it. It frees you up and the other person.

Across time and space. It frees up the past and the future.

Magic occurs- new things open! Connected to the heart chakra, lungs, the base chakra and the throat, forgiveness frees you up to start again fresh.

To have greater spaciousness for joy, creativity and pleasure. I'm here to support you: * Awaken your own erotic intelligence. * Experience greater self love. * De-amouring the body through Breath-work and Heart Touch sessions. *Learning to befriend sensations. *Clearing stuck patterns. *Supporting you to learn how to practise embodiment and ecstatic breath work.

* Soften into your feminine intelligence

*Have greater presence Offering deeper Sexological body work to help you have a better relationship with your pleasure, presence, passion and life force.

And Sexual Empowerment Coaching and Embodied Counselling. BEGIN with 3 sessions or take a longer journey. FOR Men & Women I offer Somatic based Counselling and Sex Therapy and Intimacy Coaching to people in clinic or over zoom and Kinesiology sessions.

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