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Safety in sex, and improving intimacy

Woman reclining in the forest, in sexy lingerie with hand on her heart
Tantric sensual woman trusting her heart

What would safety in sex look like to you?

and if you did have safety- how would sex be better?

Safety can help you relax, safety in sex is important as much as it is important in intimacy.

I can share with you that safety, is something we don't always actively think about as a need in sex, but our subconscious will be VERY interested in maintaining. And without it, individuals shut down and are likely to withdraw or become hypervigilent which shuts pleasure down.

The more we feel safe, the more we can lean in, open and surrender to intimacy.

Where does safety begin and end? Is it the moment I go to kiss you?

or in the days leading up to our togetherness?

Unresolved conflicts and issues, contribute to a lack of safety in many couples.

And for individuals out there dating, safety can be things like- how they respond to your text messages or if they've remembered something important that is going on in your life and have checked in.

Safety could look like:

I have taken the time to ask about your day before I go to launch into a sexy move.

Safety is, checkin in on how your are feeling about being intimate and what your body is needing or wanting today.

Safety is, I took the time to cook dinner and deal with the kids because I know you are really stressed something close to your heart.

Safety may sound like, your voice tone is soft and you look into my eyes.

Safety is, I take the time, to help you relax by cuddling you on the couch a few nights a week.

Safety may be, I'll ask before I enter your pussy.

Safety is saying, that feels so good, I love how you do that.

Safety is saying, how that feeling for you?

Safety is, I tell you about what I adore about you throughout our interactions.

Safety could be, I send you a text to check in after our last intimate date.

What would safety look like for you? What are you needing?


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