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What is Dearmouring & Embodied Counselling?

Fortunately we are moving into a time, where traditional counselling and psychology are recognising that the body is responding to our environment and internal messages.

We are seeing a vast increase in somatic based, therapies. To help individuals embody the work that gets done in therapy and healing modalities.

The beauty and gift of Embodied Counselling and De-armouring is we bring awareness to the body and it's inherent wisdom.

Lets first look at step 1, in any form of transformation work and that is AWARENESS:

External perception is called exteroception, and internal perception, the body's capacity to read the internal sensations are called enteroception. And it is a VITAL part of pleasure capacity and the necessary sensitivity to tune into what we want and don't want.

Embodied Counselling Sessions that I hold for my clients, acknowledges and entrusts the healing and wisdom back into the power of the client, through a slow, descent into the body and mind through the tools of breath, awareness, presence, inquiry and curiosity.

Sessions begin with a de-armouring style breath/touch and inquiry practice.

The sessions infuse a particular type of energetic breath-work and de-armouring practice developed by Dr Simon Martin, called Heart Touch.

This breath-practice is dynamic and helps to activate the primal centres of the energy body, to help 'unlodge' and awaken, where there are holding patterns that are limiting the flow of breath, which inhibits the flow of energy/chi and love.

Through rhythmic movement, breath and touch, the flow activates and reveals where there are restrictions.

These are built upon the human, from the vast history of moving towards or away from love, activated armouring, from the intricacies of socially adapting to those people we are connected to and the living out of ourselves in the world.

We literally consciously and subconsciously make choices about our survival and the body/mind responds to our sense of safety and will start to create restrictions, that whilst may create an immediate reprieve for a situation; over time this can inhibit our magnificence and connection.

Over time this can be felt as bitterness, numbness, fear, trepidation to engage with intimacy, anger, blame, shame and guilt. And body will reflect movement patterns and constrictions energetically and somatically.

The challenge of living armoured is that it effects our capacity to engage with life and love, and the questions we can ask of ourselves are:

- Are we aligned to our inner truth and personal soul's journey?

- Or are we restricted and taming our authentic aliveness?

The practices of my Embodied Counselling sessions, helps to support the individual to make more aligned decisions, feel into and deeply connect to a more authentic healthier inner voice and as a result access better choices, more safety, boundaries, inner wisdom and have healthier connections.

The next stage of the session, is usually done lying down and be guided to feel into the body to sense into where the body is asking for more attention and care. The slow, gentle guidance helps to counsel the individual to listen to the deeper messages of the unease, pain, challenge and open to curiosity about the pathway back to healing.

My role is to support the individual to listen to the needs and trust the rising wisdom that unfolds and if needed help the unwinding and transmutation of change, by way of consensual touch or holding the body at any given intervals. The client and myself as the Therapist working together to hold the space, to be seen and witnessed as counselling, self care, self love, and self forgiveness unfolds.

It is a beautiful and powerful process.

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