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Sex Therapy for couples with a Somatic Sexologist.

How often have you put aside time, to have a discussion about your intimacy and sexual desires?

How well has that gone?

Most couples have very little issues in the beginning of their relationship. Their sex lives are often hot and the connection is strong. Couples will often begin their relationship in a hot honeymoon stage of infatuation, lust and newness.

After 6 months to 2 years, those flittering exciting feelings will often settle down.

Many couples complain that they feel like they love their partner but are not 'in- love ' with them. Our lives are busy and complex and couples are dominated by the mundane of the everyday, leading busy lives and their attention is often filled with their children's needs.

Intimacy and connection need effort and prioritising. Making space to have an open, facilitated conversation around your sexual needs and the needs of the relationship, is healthy and a vital part of staying and growing together as a couple.

I have uniques skills as a Sex Therapist. I'm trained to be more Somatic- meaning we work with the body, the nervous system and practically. I'm trained as a Somatic Sexologist.

I'm also trained in POLARITY, and TANTRA to help couples shift out of power dynamics that may be stifling and shutting down the spark that couples often crave. I teach the fundamental tools of pleasure, I'm a sex educator that brings the subtleties that only presence can bring to great sex.

Sex Therapy and Intimacy Coaching is an investment that will always be worthwhile. Always.

We often enter our relationships with a tool kit of moves, we think has always worked on others and will naturally work in this relationship. Some individuals find that it is frustrating that they're not getting the same response. Or that their partner does not know how to turn them on.

Some individuals do not have the level of awareness of pleasure anatomy and how to build arousal in their partner. Their cultural, family and religious backgrounds can have a very big impact on how they lean into intimacy. These beliefs can effect their confidence and sexual expression.

Sex Coaching helps couples learn about healthy sexual beliefs, and how your partner gets turned on. We have juicy fun practices that are light and have couples feeling super relieved to share their truth in a space that is safe and open to everything.

We enter our relationships with expectations from our partner that we RARELY ever express. Desires that never get spoken. But we expect our partner to know this.

Sex Therapy gives you the space to discuss these things.

We often run a sexual script that was pretty hot once but has since become unexciting.

Sex Therapy with Embodied Sexology, addresses the needs of both individuals, it works to establish what is working and how to expand on that with practical tools, that are taught in clinic. You can learn new techniques and understand how to give and receive with more presence and awareness.

Couples Sex Coaching is a great way to rebuild connection, we utilise a wide variety of embodied connection activities and tantric based practices to help you re-kindle the trust and love that you once felt.

Putting times aside, to nurture your connection, by having sessions that are interactive, informative, playful and loving is life changing for couples.

Couples Sex Therapy, addresses issues of pain, challenges with arousal and ejaculation, post birth issues or surgery and it addresses the often huge issue of desire discrepancy .

It helps couples find ways to bring pleasure, love, understanding and joy back to relating.

As a Sexological body worker, I help couples learn through hands on, practical activities, how to have the communication skills and awareness to build deeper intimacy, learn about love languages and put in action steps to build connection in daily life.

I'm also trained in polarity, feminine and masculine embodiment. I help couples learn more ways to work a satisfying sexual life into their daily lives, so that the spark can be rekindled.

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