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Somatic sex therapy in Geelong, Vaginismus Treatment.

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Somatic sex therapy can play a crucial role in treating vaginismus by addressing both the pain experienced and its underlying causes. Here are some key points highlighting the importance of using somatic sex therapy in the successful treatment of vaginismus:

  • Body-Mind Connection: Somatic sex therapy focuses on the connection between the body and mind, helping individuals understand and address the psychological factors contributing to vaginismus.

  • Sensate Focus: This therapy technique helps individuals with vaginismus explore sensations in a safe and controlled manner, gradually introducing the body to safe, consensual touch, creating a focus on pleasure.

  • Emotional Release: Somatic sex therapy provides a supportive environment for individuals to release emotional blockages and traumas that may be contributing to the pain experienced during intercourse, challenges with tampon use or solo play.

  • A focus on pleasure and WHAT IS POSSIBLE: my work combines, somatic based counselling, therapy and pleasure education. The big shift to support those with vaginismus and pelvic pain, is to become really curious about what is possible, and what is still available in the realm of SEX. Which is a huge vast array of things that can happen between two or more people. Including looking at what is possible through solo sex.

  • Education and Empowerment: Through somatic sex therapy, individuals can learn about their bodies, the arousal system, sexual responses, and ways to regain control over their empowered choice for what they would like to experience, how, when etc... Along with Sexological body work, and talk therapy, we work together to help people that struggle with vaginismus develop a loving gentle approach to touch and greater curiousity around places where the body is receptive and open to intimacy. It educates people on the pathways of pleasure, it shifts negative beliefs and thinking that can shut down a person's body and it helps to activate a relaxed empowered mindset around one's erotic identity.

  • PHYSIO THERAPY for vaginismus and pelvic pain & the use of DIALATORS -creating harm or good? : The body is more than just a physical bunch of structures under conscious control of the mind. It is dictated by the subconscious, memory, beliefs and attitudes of which vulva owners face a huge negative influence, from a wide range of sources, these ALL effect how one responds to penetration and the signal of pain messages.

  • Embodied Sexology, is run by Belinda Claveria an experienced Sexologist, Sex Love and Relationship Counsellor based in Geelong. Somatic Sex Therapy is a far more holistic approach that influences the relaxing of hypertonic pelvic floor muscles, by addressing the vast and very personal issues of each individual, that can create these responses in the body. Whilst Pelvic floor Physio may be helpful, it can create greater stress and anxiety for some pelvic pain and sexual pain clients, especially as the process happens in faster sessions, and from a more physiological approach.

  • Introducing Dialators is counter-productive and even harmful at times, a stressed body doesn't need more stress through penetration. If you are not provided with the entire tools to help the body attune to positive sex messages and the capacity to build sensate awareness of pleasure, Physio can be long and challenging.

  • Holistic Approach to Vaginismus: Somatic sex therapy takes a holistic approach to treating vaginismus treatment, considering the physical, emotional, and psychological aspects of the condition to promote healing and overall well-being. It helps rewire the individual in bottom up and top- down practices to address the fears and anxiety that are tightening the vulva and creating pain. Along with Sexological bodywork, that involves, client led touch and somatic sexology practices that can radically shift a person towards all the wonderful things needed for great sex and penetration: engorgement, blood flow, sensate awareness, consent, self love, empowerment, positive beliefs, communication, pleasure and education. Healing the mental, emotional and physical factors contributing to pain and vaginismus.

Pelvic floor pain, vaginal pain, vaginismus treatment in Geelong, Sexologist, Sex & Relationship Counselling.

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