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Sex, intimacy and pleasure are fundamental to human health.

Emotionally, physically and spiritually we thrive when we are comfortable, feel loved and liberated as sexually and sensually alive humans.

SEX is even included in Maslow's hierarchy of needs, right at the bottom, along with food, water and shelter. This shows how fundamental sex and love is to human needs.

For nearly every person, challenges will arise at some point in life that will make Relating, Sex and Intimacy a difficult aspect of life.   

The reasons are wide and diverse and extremely common; from general stress, health issues, body changes, shame around sexuality, shame around genitals, am I good enough fears, an identity crisis after children, religious and societal beliefs, to difficult relationships, pain issues, betrayal, bad sex experiences and deeper trauma.

Even at the age of 67, a client can be desiring change and growth! One client came into my clinic because she was in her second marriage and he had lost his capacity to have erections after prostate surgery. She didn't want their intimacy to come to an end.

Together I helped them re-invigorate their vows to each other, teach them that sex could still be wonderful without his erections and helped them discuss their sexual needs.

My role is to help individuals and couples move beyond anxiety, disconnection, lack of desire and fears to develop the skills and somatic capacity to communicate their needs, and have the love, sex and confidence clients want. 

By unlocking the blocks to intimacy; more serious sexual issues, fears and body confidence issues can resolve.

I specialise in couples that have been together for some time that are losing connection, working with women's libido and desire discrepancy and clients with trauma or anxiety that struggle to trust and create connections or feel pleasure- A common symptom is that pain or numbness gets triggered in the body.

Sex therapy is a general term for counselling and therapeutic practices that help clients live more authentic lives and have authentic connections where sex is an important factor to the individuals life.

Sex is something that can happen through solo exploration or with others.  And love is also vitally important and begins with SELF LOVE.

Sex therapy- how does it work?

As a Somatic Sexologist, Sex & Relationship Coach and Counsellor, I support a wide range of issues and needs and can educate clients to help them establish more self love, a more authentic erotic identity, learn how to have embodied consent, relationship communication skills, and learn how to personally access the pathways to pleasure, build connection and have better relationships and better sex.

And I help educate people about their pleasure body, how to identify their needs, the love and pleasure they seek and the needs of their partner and be better more confident and present lovers.

In Somatic Sex and Relationship Therapy not only is talk therapy the only important tool, we are also very interested in the somatic integration of learning and change, so that our clients can truly have longer lasting change. Somatic meaning body.

My therapy incorporates sexological bodywork if needed and my years of expertise in the holistic health field, including energetics, sensate awareness and orgasmic practices help to build pleasure and the embodied skills to sex and relating.

I am trained in Gottman therapy, Tantra, a range of Holistic therapies, Counselling, Embodiment, NLP, timeline re-patterning and Somatic Sexology, Sex therapy and Sexuality.

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